So, after nearly 100 days of blogging I just discovered the “About” page.  I was looking at the stats for the blog as to whether anyone ever read it, and I noticed that many people check out the “About” page.  You must have all been bitterly disappointed to find it blank.

So what is there to say about me?  Not a lot, really.  I’m currently 44 years old and I hail from Great Britain originally.  I’ve been a businessmen for many years, and gave it all up in 2005 to go back to school to study photography.  Since then I have completed my Bachelors of Fine Art in Photography and am currently studying for my Master of Fine Art in Photography.

I live in Northern Kentucky with my gorgeous husband James, four cats, and I love to cook, eat, drink, meet nice people, listen to music, watch good movies (I’m a sucker for romantic comedy), travel, and just generally enjoy life.

I started this blog to comment on LGBT news issues, to bring some of the issues to the attention of the wider world, and to tie in a series of self-portraits.  I am sure that some people hate it, but there seems to be a core group of people who check out the blog too.  It gets pushed through Facebook too, which I am also sure has probably cost me some friends, either through being “unfriended” or just merely hidden.  But I’m fine with that….I think.

So there you have it.  That is what I am “About”!

Big love to you all,



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