A Christmas Message.

Greetings all.  Seeing as everyone seems to be delivering Christmas messages, I thought I would too!  After all if it’s good enough for all the priests, bishops, and the Pope to spout on about equality and stuff, then it should be good for me to as well._MG_2774

LGBTQ folks are here and we exist in this world.  We didn’t just arrive last week.  We have always been here.  We may not have always been as vocal as we have recently but that is for a variety of reasons and it is also not likely to change.  We didn’t just decide that we want to be different either.  There is a possibility that some people may have decided to sleep with someone else because they liked it, but even if they did that really isn’t anyone else’s concern now, is it.  But for most LGBTQ people it seems to be pretty much the way the cookie crumbles.  No amount of berating us, giving us ghastly therapy, making us marry opposite sex people, putting us in the ducking-stool, or locking us up, etc., is going to change us.  There is a lot of history to prove the point so please stop and learn a lesson from the past.  It’s called moving forward.

Also, the vast majority of us have heterosexual parents too.  So ultimately straight people get to carry the can for the fact that we are kicking around this earth.  So wise up, stop being jerks, stop trying to be superior, and stop trying to keep all the toys away from us.  We have lots to bring to the party.  We can cook, we can help you dress better, we can act, sing, and decorate really well.  Lots of us are fantastic at car mechanics, and there are some of us who can build houses, bridges, and fix things.  If you give us guns, tanks, and nuclear bombs, we can also blow up the world and kill people just as well as you can too.  We can also raise stable kids and have nice families.  Granted, we have a few nutters in our communities too, but we never said that we are perfect.  After all, look at who our parents are.  The gene pool isn’t really that large so please own your responsibility.

So, seeing as we all have to get along, how about we make 2013 a year to sort it all out and get along a little bit better?  That would be a good Christmas present wouldn’t it?

Big love,



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