The rules and your beliefs.

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Greetings all on the weekend before Christmas.  Got all your shopping done?  Thought not….

Today’s article is one dear to my heart.  It comes from Chronicle, the journal for higher education and looks at the case of an administrator at the University of Toledo who wrote an op-ed piece in a newspaper.  She was an administrator in Human resources who claimed that gay people didn’t have to be gay but black people couldn’t help it basically.  She was then fired for this, and lost her case in court.  The appeals court just upheld her firing.  You can read all about the case in the link.8293750583_9e92d08355

Basically she said that the op-ed has nothing to do with her job, even though what she wrote about had everything to do with the views that she is supposed to support in her job.  It’s always sad to see one minority talking bad about another, especially in a case such as this, where it seems to be that she effectively used the “one of my best friends is gay” kind of excuse.  If your company or business, state, or country has laws against discrimination, as was the case here, you have to uphold them.  You can’t pick and choose.  That’s the point of laws.

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