Discrimination in Michigan.

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A short one again tonight folks.  This last week there were a number of bills that died in the Michigan House without being voted on.  These were all bills that would have allowed healthcare providers and adoption agencies to refuse care and services based on moral and religious grounds._MG_2748

While I am all for respecting people’s right to practice their religion, we cannot allow people to legally use that religion to discriminate against others, especially when it comes to denying services to people.  Imagine being denied HIV treatment by someone who disagrees giving it to you on religious grounds?  That’s all very well if you live in an area where you can transfer to another pharmacy, but if you are in a remote area, as parts of Michigan are, the nearest pharmacy may be another 50 or so miles away.  Laws such as these would set dangerous precedents.  Which is, of course, exactly what they are intended to do by the idiots who write them in the first place.

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