The Military Spouses, DOMA, and making it all up.

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DOMA has many more effects than people imagine. Certainly since I started doing this blog I have become aware of many more things that are impacted by it than I ever would have thought. Take the new issue over the military spouses club in Fort Bragg._MG_2744

Ashley Broadway was denied access to the club other day because she doesn’t have a military ID. She is legally married to a soldier, Lt. Col. Heather Mack. It seems that normally spouses are issued military ID’s but because of DOMA same-sex couple are prohibited from receiving them because the military has to obey federal law. It since transpires that the people in charge of the club were lying anyway, and they don’t require ID’s to join, but that is another issue for another day.

What it does show, like we needed any more proof, is that DOMA continues to be at odds with many other laws. Now that DADT (no more acronyms please!) has been repealed, DOMA clearly is out of date, not that it was ever in date in the first place.

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