The church and “illegal to marry” in the UK.

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Continuing the recent series of posts in about the state of marriage in the UK the government today announced that it will become illegal for the Church of England and the Church of Wales to hold same-sex marriages.  The reasoning behind this is so that they cannot be sued.  Basically it gives them a legal exemption.  In reality not a lot will change as it is already illegal for religious institutions to hold civil partnerships as I understand it._MG_2742

I’m not really sure what to make of this.  It doesn’t apply to some of the other religions who will be able to opt-in to holding ceremonies.  Why not allow the CofE and CofW to opt in a well?  I guess to avoid lawsuits would be the answer.  The full plan has yet to be revealed but they have announced that it will occur before the next election it seems.

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