HRC launches a new equality video.

Today’s Link

As we end the holiday weekend here in the US and head back to work/school, the Human Rights Campaign have launched a new video to promote the cause of marriage eqauality here in the USA.  Starring the voice of “God”, Morgan Freeman, it’s stirring stuff, if a little sugary.  It talks happily about about how human dignity has always been something that has guided the US to a more perfect union (ahem…) and that the country is at a turning point in terms of equality.

There is little information out there as to where this is going to be aired.  One would hope that it might hit prime time telly across the nation in the coming weeks.  Who knows?  Now that the airwaves are largely devoid of political ads it might actually get noticed.  I’d like to think so.  Good for HRC for doing this.  And a whopping thanks to Mr Freeman to stepping up to the task as well.

Big love,


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