Drag parties and gay RA’s.

Today’s link

Well, that holiday craziness is clearly upon us.  Step up the National Organization for marriage into the spotlight.  This time they are asking parents to warn their kids about the dangers of homosexual RA’s (Resident Assistants/Advisors).  For those outside of the USA or a college, advisors these are the folks who work in the dormitories/halls of residence at the universities/colleges, and this refers to  the all night parties that go on while your little darlings are away getting their education.

It seems that one RA organized a drag party and had the misfortune to invite someone who was involved with NOM to it.  Henceforth it seems that all gay RA’s are to be known as gay recruiters and are the devil.  I urge you to watch the video in the link all the way through.  It gets really good toward the end when Dr. Ruth asks parents to quiz their kids when they come home as to whether they have a gay RA.

Is there a message in tonight’s blog post?  Only that groups like NOM are getting increasingly desperate.  Chances are that the kids will look at their parents as if they are mad when this discussion kicks off.  This serves to further heighten the generational divide between equality around the world.

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