The UK, Equality, and the Daily Mail.

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Greetings all.  I hope that all is well with everyone around the world.  After a quick break for thanksgiving here in the US we haead back to the UK for the fast heating up discussion on marriage equality.  For those of you who have been dealing with me banging on about the state of things in the USA in the for the last 11 months you arenow entering a phase were you are going to hear me banging on about stuff in the UK.

You’ll recall that a few days ago I wrote about the fact that the Daily Mail wrote an article about how David Cameron may well be fast-tracking legislation into parliament regsarding marriage equality.  It seems that for once the Daily Mail may have been telling the truth and indeed that legislation may be on its way.  So now that this is the case it is time for the Daily Mail to start to marshal the troops.

My friends in the UK will be well aware of my dislike for the Daily Mail.  Having lived in a house where it landed with an unpleasant, satanic, “mutton dressed as lamb” thud on the doorstep every day, largely because of the weight of it’s lies and hatred, I grew up well aware of the way it pushed and pulled it’s readership . Nowit seems it is up to its usual tricks again.

You’ll notice that in today’s link that it the Mail talks about the 118 Tory mp’s who may vote against marriage equality in the UK.  It doesn’t mention any thing about those that might vote in favour of it.  It even trots out a gay MP who isn’t in favour equality (who is likely feeling the wrath of his constituents as I type).  This is likely to be the first of many salvos in the Mail’s campaign, subtle as it may try to be in the coming months.

This will be an interesting story to watch develop in theUK.  You can be sure that Daily Mail will be at the forefront of the opposition to equality in the UK, a place that it has always held with pride.  I’ll be keeping you posted.

Big love,



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