UK man demoted over Facebook post.

Today’s Link

There is a story doing the rounds today over a man in the UK who was demoted in his job for making a posting on his Facebook page that disagreed over same-sex marriage.  You can read all the details about it in todays link but here are the salient points.  Basically this chap doesn’t believe that marriage equality should extend to marrying people in church, said so on Facebook, his employer saw the post, demoted him, cut his salary, he sued, and won.

While I disagree with his beliefs (of course), he should be allowed to express them.  If he had said that gay people should be murdered or something like that it would be different, but he didn’t.  He just disagreed on marriage equality.  His employer had no right, in my opinion, to take the steps they did and I am glad that he sued and won.  I would rather he changed his opinions though, but I do believe that he was right.

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