HRC Corporate Equality Index.

Today’s Link

Today sees the release of the 11th annual Corporate Equality Index by the Human Rights Campaign.  This is a vitally important document that charts the rate at which organisations in the USA rank on equality and support for LGBTQ issues.  It is becoming important the longer it runs because it gives us a measure of just how far we have come.

For example, 11 years ago only 13 businesses scored 100% on the index  Today 253 companies scored 100%.  That is amazing and shows how much work has been done by people everywhere in the promotion of equality.  I heard a fellow LGBTQ student criticise HRC a while back as being an organisation for rich, white gays.  That completely undermines and undervalues the fact that work like this is critical to the move forward in equality.  From the shop floor to the boardroom, all kinds of folks have helped move us forward to this point.  We should all be following the link, downloading the report and making sure we know who the supportive businesses are and making sure that we, in turn, support them for standing up for us.

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