Cincinnati back in the news again.

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Cincinnati is back in the LGBT news again.  This time it is because one of the FOX news affiliate reporters, Tricia Mackie, called Rachel Maddow, the lesbian MSNBC Journalist, an “angry young man” on her Facebook page in a clear sexuality slur.  She then threw out an off-handed and clearly not very sincere apology with some lame comments about political correctness.

This is hardly a surprising state of affairs for this particular news station.  It also shows how prevalent bullying over sexuality is at the adult level is.  It is not surprising that kids see fit to throw sexuality based slurs around all the time when they see adults doing the same thing, especially on television.  She has since been, I suspect, forced/requested to make an apology that has been posted on Fox’s Facebook page.  It doesn’t seem very sincere in the light of the comments that she made on her facebook page, since deleted (but captured by enterprising stalkers for posterity”.

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