The professor and the rescinded fellowship.

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It seems that the eyes of people are everywhere these days.  If you support marriage equality and it goes against the views of people who you work with, research with, study with, etc. then it can have far-reaching implications.  You’ll read all about the case of a Catholic professor in the UK who has had her fellowship at a US university rescinded because she signed a letter supporting marriage equality.

This isn’t a rant about the Catholic church or religion, per se, though it could easily be.  It touches a wider issue than that.  Surely universities are supposed to be places were people meet to discuss and exchange ideas.  To simply bar someone because they have a different idea on something from you seems particularly short-sighted, especially in an academic setting,  I understand that this may go against church teaching but to stifle discussion and discourse, particularly when it seems to be over an issue that affects many people in the church today, seems against the mission of a university as seat of learning.

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