Anti-Gay Text messages being sent out as political ads.

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Greetings all and a happy thursday to you all.  People often say to me that I get a little to wound up about politics and the whole gay thing.  Maybe I do sometimes.  I’ll admit that on occasion I may go a little far.  But it’s really difficult when you get used as a political football all the time.  Here is another example from yesterday.

Text messages were sent to presumably thousands, and maybe hundreds of thousands, of voters in Virginia last night by a right-wing political campaign group.  The content of these messages? “Obama supports homosexuality and its radical social agenda. Say No to Obama on Nov 6!”  They were sent through the web hosting site GoDaddy who has since shut down the site.

That’s why I write this blog and that’s why I get so pissed off.  My sexuality is being used to score political points all the time and I am sick of it.  I won’t stop writing about it until I get equality either.  Just so you know.

Big love,



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