The New York Times and ballot initiatives

Today’s Link

Today the New York Times stepped into the fray and endorsed ballot initiatives that support marriage equality in the coming election.  This is notable for a few reasons.  As the article points out, the ballot box is a tricky place for these kinds of things to be happening, not least because these things should really never end up there in the first place.  But the main reason why this is important is because this is a national newspaper.

Although I don’t read the NYT myself, it does have a very wide audience.  In todays declining newspaper market that counts for a lot.  Reaching out to many people helps get people thinking about the issues that are being discussed even if they are not directly to do with their own state, and whether we like it or not people do actually read the endorsements that newspapers make.

Hopefully this will continue the process of educating folks and making people think about the way forward.

Big love,



P.S.  I ate too much chocolate today, hence the pic….


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