The bigot of the year award at Stonewall.

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The other day I wrote about the fact that Catholic church were referring to Stonewall as being intolerant.  Today I read that Stonewall are holding their award ceremony this week and have an award up for grabs, calling it the bigot of the year award.  Top of the nominations seems to be Cardinal O’Brien, a senior Catholic figure, amongst others.

While I am all for calling out those who are intolerant and need to be held accountable for their views and actions, I don’t agree with Stonewall using langauge like “Bigot of the Year” in an award ceremony.  I don’t personally feel it helps to promote the cause that we are fighting for and does more harm than good.  You can see some of the potential for backlash in todays article.  Hopefully they will reconsider the wording of it all in the light of some of the comments from their sponsors…..

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