Hurricane Sandy and the Homos

Today’s Link

I’m not normally a fan of the Huffington Post and their tabloid journalism but they were the first to find the “Lets blame the weather on the gays” story this time around.  Yep, folks, yes guessed it.  The homos are to blame for the weather yet again.  Not coal, not oil burning, not pollution, not all that hairspray in the 80’s but your local poofters.

As you’ll read about in the link the hurricane that is about to cause all the trouble in the US is the fault of the fact that gay people exist here in America.  This storm is going to cause some major trouble for a lot of people and I wish that idiots like these would put the energy into helping folks a little more rather than spouting off crap like this.  But I am sure this is not the last that we will hear on the matter.  Any takers as to who will be next?

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