The yearbook.

Today’s Link

After last nights depressing post, now for something a little more positive.  It starts off sad but ends on a brighter note.  You’ll read in the link that back in the 70’s a high school in Canada inexplicably allowed a yearbook to go to press with the word “Fag” printed underneath the picture of one of its students.  That student, now 60, had to deal with bullying all his school life, and has clearly been tormented by this experience ever since.

The school has finally agreed to apologise and has republished the page.  But best of all Tomlin got to speak at a local school about the effects of bullying.  It’s a shame that his own high school didn’t have the foresight to hold a talk and have him speak, but at least this is something.  I hope that the kids he did speak to take something away from the whole affair.

Big love,


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