Tweeting gay folks addresses?

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A lot of the articles I write about focus on the US, purely because that is where I happen to be living now.  But, as you most of you know, I like to keep my eye on what is happening around the world and I have a particular interest in what is going in my home country of England.  Today Nick Griffin, the man who heads up the dubious British Nationalist Party, who aren’t racists but want all the non-whites to leave the country (and the homos too) stepped up his campaign against gay people.

After yet another gay couple won a court case against a hotelier who refused them a room based upon their sexuality, Griffin tweeted their home address and called for people to assemble outside their house and demonstrate against them as they are “bullies”.  Griffin seems to think that defending the law now means that you are a bully.  I find it quite incredulous that the leader of a political party thinks that it is fine to call for people to go and demonstrate outside of two gay people’s house when all they did was stand up for the rights.  Clearly there is still much to do back in England as well.  You can read more about the case and all the associated links that go with it by clicking on the link.  Just watch out for your blood pressure….

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