The return of Mr Haggard.

Today’s Link

Some people are like boomerangs.  Ted Haggard is one of them.  You’ll recall that he was the pastor of the mega church a while back that was involved in drugs and rent boys (him, not the whole church).  There was the usual denial thing, then the admission of failure, then the repentance, then the withdrawal, then the talk shows, etc.

Now Mr Haggard has re-emerged with a slightly different tone, and an interesting one at that.  You’ll read in the link that he is espousing that marriage equality should be legal at the state level regardless of what the teachings are at the church level.  He goes on to point out that we need to be careful not to write laws based on biblical teaching.  I have to applaud him for a least thinking about all of this.  His experiences seem to have made him think about the wider issues and how it affects people outside of his usual circle.  That has to be positive step, at least in my mind.

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