Tonight’s Debate.

Today’s Link

Greetings all.  Yep, I’m back from all things conferency, having taken an extra day to get my self somewhat back together again.  The conference was good, but super exhausting as these things can be.  Those of you who have been following the Homoworld portraits will have seen that I was little tired but will also have seen my conference colleagues too!

So back to the blog!  Tonight brings the second presidential debate.  A town hall-style debate, it brings, perhaps, the last opportunity for us to have questions regarding LGBT issues.  None have come up yet which bothers me.  I have friends who vote Republican and I need for them to understand that voting for Romney and Ryan is decision to vote to deny me and millions of others equality in marriage, health care, finances, employment, and a whole host of other areas.  Reading about it is one thing.  Seeing a candidate look them in the eye down a camera and tell them is another.  So I hope that the questions come up.

Big love.



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