CA Bill 1172, again.

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I didn’t think I’d be writing about this one again.  It seems that there is already a legal challenge to CA 1172 by a group that are claiming that banning reparative therapy is against the first amendment to the US constitution.  That’s the one about free speech for my non-US friends.  You’ll see in the article that by barring this kind of treatment people are now having their rights violated in seeking the appropriate medical treatment for their health issues.

The point that these people seem to be missing though is that there is a whole wealth of evidence that shows that this kind of treatment in junk science and in fact does a lot of harm.  Putting leeches on people’s eyeballs to cure short-sight may have seemed like a really good idea at some point, but that doesn’t mean that it worked.  I don’t hear anyone calling for that to be re-instated.  For medical practices to be sanctioned, including psychiatry, surely there has to be sound basis behind them?  That is what is missing here….  Otherwise the discussion would be different.

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