Queer art back in the news.

Today’s Link

Happy friday to all of you once more.  It seems that even with in the LGBTQ world art causes debate.  This one though is an odd one.  Todays link deals with the fact that the nations largest LGBT museum is refusing to show an exhibition of works that they had signed up to exhibit.

Their argument?  They have school children who come to the museum.  There is no sex in these pictures.  There are men in bath robes, yes.  There are men in their underwear, yes.  There are men in leather, yes.  But all of them are single.  Most of them are sitting on the couch.  Or standing there.  None of them are doing anything untoward.  They are certainly not likely to be frightening the kiddies.

As the article states, the scariest thing is likely to be the decorating in some cases…..

Big love,



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