The return of Piss Christ.

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Greetings all and a happy Wednesday to you.  A short one for you today as I am sick with the flu.  It’s Bill Donohue, who has popped up talking about Andre Serrano and his piece of art Piss Christ.  He wants to know how he can get a grant for a piece of art about a statue of President Obama dumped in a jar of (fake) faeces.  Not sure why this popped up on some of the LGBT news sites, but as an artist it was worth responding to anyway!

Donohue fantastically quotes just one thing from Serrano, about how the piece is to question what is acceptable and what is not acceptable, cleverly skipping out everything else that Serrano has ever said in the 20+ years since the piece was create (how’s that for selective quoting…lol).  I could debate this one for hours, but instead will pick an easy one.  Mr Donohue, how about you tell me how the property of shit causes the light to give a beautiful golden glow to the form of the President in the jar.  That’s one of the reasons why Serrano chose to use urine in this instance (he also made the same piece with milk, blood, and other matter).  Urine refracts light in special ways, causing all kinds of amazing spectral qualities.  If you see this piece you’ll be amazed at the way it looks.  The heavenly and glorious way it looks is almost reverential.  This piece is worth debating for many reasons but this deliberate formal quality is but one of its many virtues.

Why do I mention this?  because it just goes to show the lengths the people who campaign against us will go to.  And how silly they can be.

Big love,



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