Choosing to be straight and the Texan pastor.

Today’s Link

Happy Sunday to you all.  Here is something to think about.  We often hear people talk about the whole issue of choice in sexuality and that gay people must choose to be so.  But when the issue of whether straight people choose to be straight the topic is always avoided or ignored.  You’ll read in todays link that prominent pastor from Texas, Joel Osteen, who has been asked this question before, finally has stated that he didn’t choose to be straight.

However, when asked about whether gay people choose to be gay, the question was left unanswered.  But this does show that the pastor has finally moved to a point that he may be realising that this something that has to be thought about as unsteady rhetoric.  I too have often returned this argument to people and have met with the same response from folks and I find it really interesting that no one ever gives me an answer.  I’d certainly love to hear why it seems permissible for it to only cut one way.

Perhaps the next time Mr Osteen appears on telly we may see the continuation of this evolution.  I wonder what the next installment will be?

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