Art and the University.

Today’s Link

Greeting and a happy Wednesday to you all!  Today sees and interesting story that is close to my sphere of interest.  As you’ll see in the link there is a university that is hosting an art exhibition by a nationally known photographer, Loren Cameron.  Cameron is transgender.  The exhibition is being protested as a fringe event that is sure to outrage and offend many and is being described as “suspicious” and part of a “radical” agenda.

It’s clearly only radical because it is different.  Why shouldn’t art be made about transgender people and their lives? Is there a particular reason why they should remain hidden from view and should not be visible in our art galleries?  Is their story somehow less worthy of telling than others?  It’s high time that the stories of all people were told in our schools and galleries, not just the stories of those who are considered to the acceptable face of normal.

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