The Gay German Soccer Player.

Today’s Link

Greetings and happy Friday to you all!  It’s been a long week……

Today continues our occasional series in sports themes and follows on nicely from my previous post.  A top German soccer player gave an interview where he says that he is gay but is too scared to come out.  He fears for his safety if he does, he says, and that the pressure of being a “model heterosexual” is too great at times.

How sad is it that these are the people who we are supposedly supposed to be holding up as role models, yet we refuse to allow them to be who they really are.  In other words we are intent on “worshiping false gods” one could say.  That someone who on one hand has such a position of power and fame, but yet on the other hand feels that he has nothing and feels so scared is tragic in 2012.

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