Romney the Liar.

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Greetings and a happy friday to you all!  Now that the GOP convention is done it is clear that Mitt Romney is a liar.  Why?  Well, possibly for many reasons, but for one that cannot be argued with.

In his acceptance speech last night he said that he would “honour the institution of marriage”.  He is a liar.  He won’t honour the many legal same-sex marriages from both the USA and other countries around the world.  Instead he promises to continue laws against them.  You can’t honour them and deny them/prohibit them/pretend they don’t exist/legislate against them etc., at this same time if you need me to spell it out.

So he is a liar.  Plain and simple.  I won’t give him the benefit of being stupid because he isn’t.  He is just a shameful liar.

Big love,



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