Downton Abbey news.

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Greetings one and all.  It’s monday!  This weekend seemed to go by really quickly, didn’t it.  After my rant about DOMA last night I figured we needed something a little more “pop cultureish”.  That comes to us by way of some news about Downton Abbey, that much-loved British TV series.

In checking out the link you’ll see that Thomas, the nasty piece of work we all love to hate, will have his sexuality explored more in series 3.  Good news?  Well, although I detest the character and don’t like the fact that the “bad guy” is made out to be the homosexual, it is good that there will be visibility.  Downton has a huge following all over the world so the continued march of visible LGBT characters on TV can only be good.

Lets hope that the story line will be a nice one….

Big love,



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