Personal interaction with DOMA.

Greetings all and a happy Sunday to you all.

No link from me today, just a personal comment on the Defence of Marriage Act.  My husband James is changing jobs at the moment, moving from the University of Cincinnati to Northern Kentucky University.  For some peculiar reason health insurance at NKU doesn’t become available to us until October 1st.  Not that I get domestic partner insurance there anyway; I do get the option to purchase insurance though, but at full book rate.  That, at least, is something.

However, that leaves us with a gap in coverage.  No problem, we thought (apart from the money).  We’ll pay the COBRA coverage for one month from August Sept 1st to October 1st.  But then DOMA struck.  Because COBRA is a federal thing, DOMA prohibits me from being eligible for it.  So, unlike regularly married couples, I am prohibited from participating.

Mitt Romney has pledged to uphold DOMA.  So has Ron Paul.  So, to put it bluntly, both presidential hopefuls have committed to maintaining a law that directly discriminates against gay people, and, at the moment, DIRECTLY impacts me.

Just putting that out there….

Big love,



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