The FRC Shooting; rhetoric heats up

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More stuff is emerging over the shooting at the FRC offices in Washington DC the other day. While still not much is really known about the man who carried it out, it does seem to have been motivated by LGBT issues.

I’ll wait for more information to become available  before writing about that topic, but in the meantime I found an interesting article on CNN about some of the rhetoric around the case.  It’s interesting that the FRC is now lashing out at the Southern Poverty Law Center, commenting that the organisation effectively gave permission to the shooter by designating the FRC as a hate group.  The article then goes on to point out that groups such as FRC have tacitly sanctioned the murder of abortion doctors by keeping quieter than they should have, so this seems somewhat of a double standard to me.

I should make it clear that I don’t support this violence in any way.  But all groups should renounce violence.  Not score points off it, which is what the FRC now seems to be doing.

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