American Family Association supports child kidnapping

Today’s Link

Today’s link is a shocker, but hardly a surprising one.

Bryan Fischer, from the American Family Association, tweeted the other day that we need an Underground Railroad system to deliver innocent children from same sex families.  For those outside of the US this is a reference to a system that existed to help slaves escape way back in the times of slavery.  People would be passed secretly from house to house, allowing them to flee a “slave state” and get to a “free state”.  Fischer seems to be advocating that kids should be kidnapped and passed through a similar system to remove them from their parents, if those parents are same-sex.

Not only is this disgraceful in the way it links to issues of slavery, but it’s also really stupid too.  Inciting people to break the law, ripping apart families, and so much more.  The link that he refers to is a point for another day perhaps, but this sort of stuff is thoroughly reprehensible.

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