Michigan Hunger Strikers for equality.

Today’s Link

Evening all.  (A little English TV flashback there….if any of you remember the show it was from, let us know in a comment!)  No, I haven’t dropped off the face of the earth.  I know my blog and pictures have been absent for the last few days.  I have been a little over extended in my life and basically took on more than I could chew.  Painting the house, editing pictures, working for a living, holding pre-meets for a wedding shot, and numerous other things.  That left me out of time on a number of things….and one was the blog.  Fear not, though, if the only reason you hang around is for the pictures.  I did keep up with those.  I just haven’t been able to post them yet.  I’ll be posting them up to Flickr tomorrow.

Today’s link is really disturbing.  You’ll see that some folks in Michigan are going on hunger strike to protest at the treatment of LGBTQ folks.  Michigan as a state has seen a number of setbacks in recent years, some of which you can read about in the link.

This is extreme stuff.  I’m not really sure of what to make of it.  I obviously support the fight for equality, but I don’t want people to hurt themselves.  I applaud these people for taking a step I could never do myself.  I just hope that they remain healthy.  I also hope that this will make some people sit up and take notice.

Big love,



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