The Scottish marriage equality consultation figures.

Today’s Link

Happy Wednesday to all of you!  Today’s link is very interesting in the points that it raises.  Scotland has recently been going through a consultation process on marriage equality, as has England.  Today the Scottish Government announced that it was moving up legislation to allow marriage equality and they also released the findings of the consultation itself.

Read it carefully.  It’s really interesting that when all forms of consultation responses were factored in, the majority were against.  When only official responses were counted the majority were for equality.  What does that mean?  It means that organisations who are against equality are still exceptionally well organised.  Even though they don’t play by the rules they still have the power and ability to raise a terrific response against equality.

We must learn to be as well organised ourselves.  That is clearly going to become more and more important as the fight for equality continues around the world.

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