Sally Ride.

Today’s Link

It would have been too easy to write about the Muppets today (though I wanted too)!  Instead an article about Sally Ride, the first American woman to go into space, caught my eye.  Ms Ride died today.

According to the Advocate in today’s link Ms Ride was gay, although she was married at the time.  You can read about her life and see some pictures in the link.

I didn’t know that she was gay.  The article talks about the fact that if she had been out she wouldn’t have been allowed to fly.  So therefore she must now be added to the long list of LGBTQ people who have been forced to remain in the closet but still have served the country.  I hope that this list will soon become static and that no more people will be added to it.  RIP Ms Ride.

Big love,



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