The Olympics and the Gays.

Today’s Link

Happy Wednesday to all of you!  Today’s link takes us to England and the build up to the Olympic games that start in a few weeks.  Our old friend Peter Tatchell has weighed in on the fact that there are many states attending the games who are anti-gay and also anti-women.

Mr Tatchell has written a letter to the Olympic committee asking them to ban these states from attending.  This may seem somewhat silly to some and I agree that it is not likely to happen.  But it does raise some interesting points.  The charter of the Olympics is inclusivity and is stated in their policies.  So why do they allow organisations to flout that?  It is really no different to companies who have non-discrimination policies (like universities) allowing companies like Chick-Fil-A to do business on their campus.

Should these states be allowed to compete?  I hadn’t really thought about it before but I would have to say no.  I like the games as much as the next person but the Olympic Committee should make sure that there is congruency between their operating statements and the people who are involved.  Not doing so signals approval.  That is not acceptable.

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