The Boy Scouts.

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You’ll recall that I have written about the Boy Scouts in America before.  As a quick recap they have had a policy in place for many years that actively prohibits LGBTQ people from being involved with them.  A few months ago it was announced that this policy was being reviewed.

Well, they have reviewed it and have announced that they are keeping the policy.  To be clear, they have reviewed their policy and have affirmed that it is their mission to actively prohibit LGBTQ people from being involved in the scouting world here in America.  In 2012 they have not changed at all.  This is incredibly stupid for many reasons but here is one.  You CAN be involved in the scouts in America if you are LGBTQ as long as no-one knows you are gay.  That seems to make it okay.  Sort of like a boy scouts Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell if you will.  Except they ask.  But if you lie, what do they do?

Is there some secret test that they put you through?  Are they checking for supersonic bat noises that all homos most generate?  How dumb.  So an organisation that espouses honesty and integrity as a core value is okay if you lie.

What a sad bunch of people in charge.  Can you imagine how this is going to make young scouts who are trying to understand their sexuality feel?  Really great, right?

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