Marriage equality in New York

Today’s Link

Today I read an interesting story about marriage equality in the New York state.  You’ll recall (or maybe not) that marriage equality became legal there last year.  The whole process was a big media affair, mainly because the vote passed with the backing of four Republicans, some of whom have suffered at the hands of their constituents because of their votes.

The link today talks about an appeal that was made to the law.  It seems that it was challenged under a law that states that all meetings must be open to the public in New York.  You can read all about why the appeal failed in the link.  What is important here is the lengths to which the opponents of equality will go.  Now that they are not succeeding at the ballot box, they are attempting to succeed at the procedural level instead.

This clearly signifies that their cause is losing.  We need to continue to act transparently and decisively to move equality forward.  Procedural shenanigans will not stop us!

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