The Ukraine.

Today’s Link

Happy friday to you all wherever you may be!  I, for one, am glad that the weekend is here!

Today’s link talks about the removal of a bill that was passing through the Ukraine government.  As you’ll see in the link, the bill would have made it illegal to talk about homosexuality in a positive light.  This sounds pretty absurd, right?

It’s not that much better in some parts of the US either.  Remember a while back I posted on the so-called “Don’t say gay” bills that were under discussion in parts of the US.  Though in no way are they as stringent as what was being suggested in Ukraine, it still shows that people all over the world are intent on trying to restrict equality, even by going as far as prohibiting people from talking about it.

We need to remain ever vigilant, in ALL countries, to make sure that bills like this get tossed out.

Big love,



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