Religious Same Sex Marriage

Today’s Link

Happy thursday to you all!  I hope everyone in the US had a fun fourth of July yesterday.  For those in other countries, I am sure you wonder what all the fuss is about, right?

Speaking of fuss….this is bound to cause some.  You’ll read in today’s link that Nick Clegg, the deputy Prime Minister in England, has come out in favour of religious marriage equality today.  The government does, I believe, have a policy in place that would allow religious groups to opt out of same-sex marriage.  So this comment by Mr Clegg, although a personal one, is a departure from the official line.

I’m with him on this one.  I know many LGBTQ couples who have a very strong faith and who celebrate their beliefs in many different churches.  Surely if the church wishes to marry them it should be able to?  But then we also have the question of whether they should be allowed not to do so as well, right?

A tricky one indeed….

Big love,



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