Anderson Cooper.

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Well, what everyone always said was common knowledge is now…..common knowledge.  Anderson Cooper has come out of the closet and it telling the whole world, via the Daily Beast, that he is gay.  This clearly is no surprise to many folks.

I won’t write at length on this (hooray, I hear you cry).  Although I am a big proponent of visibility, something that Cooper says in his email, I believe he was in a more difficult position than most.  As a journalist for a website/channel that is more liberal leaning, his orientation could easily become a distraction from LGBTQ issues.  It could be far easier for other channels to dismiss him as just “talking for his own type” if he was out of the closet as opposed to being in.  Maybe that had a bearing on things for him.

Who knows?  But now he is out of the closet (officially), I support him and wish him the best.  I hope he continues to report responsibly and effectively.

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