The Fred Karger presidential campaign.

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Happy Friday to all of you wherever you may be!  Today Fred Karger ended his campaign to be President of the United States.  Fred who I hear you cry?  Fred Karger is a US diplomat who is gay who was running for president, that is who.  Yes, we had a gay man, and a Republican at that, running for President of the US.  He is, to my knowledge, the first openly gay man to have run for president.  He ended his campaign today it seems.

I don’t know much about Karger or his politics but I do know that he supports marriage equality.  Being a member of a party that actively campaigns against equality must be tough and I admire him for it.  He has also refused to endorse Romney because of his commitment to inequality and has called on Romney to rescind all the pledges he has made to enshrine inequality in the US constitution.

Fred, though I may not agree with many of your viewpoints on things (though as I said I don’t know much about them), I do admire you sticking to you points of equality for all, unlike seemingly everyone else in your party.

Big love,



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