LGBTQ issues and the Healthcare bill.

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Today has been a big day in the US.  The Supreme Court decision that was handed today was awaited by many people for many different reasons.  There has been much written on it and I certainly don’t need to add to much to the charged rhetoric that is going on.

I do, however, want to comment on the LGBTQ aspect of the law.  LGBTQ people are often disproportionately affected in healthcare issues for a number of reasons.  The lack of partner benefits in many areas is one issue.  The fact that services directed toward LGBTQ health are not seen as “glamorous” is another.  And let us not forget that under the previous law if you had to switch providers then people with HIV were often denied coverage as a pre-existing condition.

This may seem like anathema to many people but remember this; if you were being told you couldn’t have medicine or healthcare that would save your life what would you choose?  To die quietly in a corner or to have people help you?

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