Stone the gays in Bulgaria.

Today’s Link

Greetings all and a happy Wednesday to you all!  Today sees people continuing to call for bodily harm to be inflicted on gay people in the name of a church.

You’ll read in today’s link that a priest in Bulgaria has called on people to show up to the gay pride festival that is taking place soon and to take stones with them to stone gay people.  Yep, this is what it is coming down to.  There seems to be a constant increase in the call for violence against LGBTQ people these days.  Why is that?  Is it because we are all doing something different from the past few years?  Is it because slowly and surely we seem to be moving forward with issues of equality?

Who knows but these constant unchecked calls for violence seem to be escalating and until people realise that it is unacceptable, I doubt we will see any slow down soon.  It’s really sad to see stuff like this happening….

Big love,


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