More on Turing.

Today’s Link

Following on from yesterdays post about Alan Turing, the brilliant mathematician and scientist, I ran across a fascinating article about him on the BBC website today.

The article treads some of the same ground as others, naturally, but also focuses a little more on whether Turing committed suicide or not.  It’s commonly thought that he did but this article questions that and gives a little more insight into the man, his life, and the circumstances around his death.  The author rightly says that we should stick to the facts as we know them and not speculate, something that is always really fruitless.

As it would have been Turing’s 100 birthday today it is fitting that there is this renewed interest in his life.  I’d also like to say thanks to him for all that he did, and to say that I wish he had been able to live his life in a manner that he wanted to.

Big love,



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