Alan Turing and the Homo Heroes.

Today’s Link

Happy Friday to you all wherever you may be!

Today’s link is all about a chap called Alan Turing.  You’ll maybe recall that I wrote about him before.  He was quite possibly the father of modern computing and was also responsible for much of the work that resulted in the German Enigma Codes being broken in the Second World War.  His work and his contribution to modern science is to be respected.

He did, however, suffer horribly at the hands of the British Government, simply because he was gay and in a relationship with a man.  You can read about the punishment he suffered for this and also that it led him to probably kill himself at the age of 41.  It’s coming up to what would have been his 100 birthday and he has been given an award by the Lesbian and Gay Foundation.

There are so many LGBTQ people who are unsung in the history books, purely because they are gay.  Those people who wish to deny us our rights and liberty should remember that without people like Turing, things may have been very different.

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