The Scouts may be thinking again.

Today’s Link

First off, a big thanks to our guest blogger from last night, Marty Meersman.  If you haven’t checked out the post from last night, you should.  It’s a great read and also an important one.

Today I am sitting in Cincinnati airport on the way to San Diego for 10 days.  I am surrounded by tv’s and I just heard a story about the boy scouts.  Being quick on the draw I found the corresponding story online and here it is! Never let it be said that I leave you waiting for the latest news…..

I have posted before about the scouts and how they have policies that actively discriminate against LGBTQ people. Well, it seems that they may be in the process of rethinking that… If so, it just goes to show how when enough people are made aware of inequality good things can happen.

Will that change occur at the scouts? Who knows. But I’ll be keeping an eye on this one and I hope it does.

Big love,



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