JC Penny once more.

Today’s Link

Greetings all and happy friday to you!  A short one as I have to go and get ready to go out.  James is taking me out for a birthday dinner and I can’t wait!  On a side note I think I look really old in the face on this picture.  Or just tired….who knows.  I guess I am getting older.  Ah well.

I’ve written about JC Penny a lot recently and also about the Million Moms who campaign against Penny and the fact that they support all families.  A friend of mine, Susan, bought this to my attention today.  This weekend JC Penny will be launching a new campaign that also features same-sex dads.  Just like they did with same-sex mums, this aims to show they are inclusive of all families.

I think this is awesome and I applaud them for carrying on doing this.  I am sure the Million Moms are going to hate this just as much as the last campaign…and the one before that too.

Big love!


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