Grenell in the news again.

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Just a short one tonight, folks, as I am really tired.  I am at the University of Waterloo in Canada where I just presented some of my work at The Canadian Society for Education’s conference.  The work was on transgressive art and it was a good presentation!

Today’s post deserves to be short not only because I am tired but also because of the subject matter.  You’ll recall the Richard Grenell was on the Romney team and resigned a few weeks ago.  In an interview he talks about it and the fact that so many of the negative comments were from the left as well as the right.  Now I don’t believe for one minute that the comments from the left affected him.  If they did, then he should not have been in the job in the first place.

What I do take issue with is that he states that he is not one-dimensional, like so many people try to make the LGBTQ issue out to be.  I have a number of friends who say the same thing, that you can’t just live everything through the LGBTQ lens.

Well, Mr Grenell, it’s not about being one-dimensional.  As I have pointed out before it’s about tax , about healthcare, about civil rights, about social security, about employment, about education, and so on.  Maybe that’s enough dimensions for you to consider. 

And hats of to you for being able to vote for and support someone who wants to ACTIVELY deny you those things. 

Il Duce will save us, remember?

Big love,



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