DOMA and the courts.

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Greetings from a hotel room in Kitchener, Canada! What, I hear you cry, am I doing here? I’m here to present at a conference tomorrow that is being held by The Canadian Society for Education. I’m presenting on Queer and Transgressive art; Cool Stuff! The conference is being held at the university of waterloo.

Today’s Link is actually news from a few days ago. It refers to the fact that DOMA has been declared unconstitutional again, this time because it denies benefits to same sex couples who are employed by the federal government. The law was not defended by the Obama administration who have said that they won’t defend it, believing it to be unconstitutional. That is a point that is debatable.

What is worth pointing out is that the law was defended by the Republican led house group who stepped into the breach. That clearly states that they disagree and want to keep such a discriminatory law on the books.


Obviously this is also going to be a battle for a long while to come…..

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